sábado, diciembre 09, 2017


On my last post, I said that I did my first six Sursystem 3R, but I only showed 5 of them. The number 6 was difficult to make because that one is for the person who helped me to make the art on the cover and the backcover in two of the first five, and she is an artist plenty of talent and good ideas and it means that I can't make her SSyS_3R in a simple way. The problem is that I am not an artist and I spent a lot of time thinking about how to make that magazine and that the results were good and she would like it. However, here is the SSyS_3R number 6, finally, I hope it will like to her and I wish don't spent a lot of time trying to make the next magazines.


The nice thing when you aren't an artist and you start to do this kind of work is that your imagination becomes fastest and new ideas coming to you, it happened with this copy. I added new content from another art magazine into the Sursystem in order to make it more beauty and unique.

The last thing that I want highlight is that all the material that I used to made it, are from the workplace of my friend, from the plastic bag where the Sursystem is in, to the material to make the collage that is on the cover and back cover, until the pages that I put here in this post and that are inside it.



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