domingo, octubre 14, 2018


On the past month, I went to two different events, the first one was a presentation in La Morada restaurant on South Bronx. It event was about made paper with used paper and the topic was the immigration at the current situation under the Trump presidency. I went there for many reasons, the first one was that I wanted to check the work out that Mobile Print Power did with La Morada restaurant about this project that was connected with the Bronx Museum. The second one reason was to meet with the different organizations that were there representing the community and the last one was eat some Mexican food from La Morada restaurant. 

A couple of weeks after it event, I went to the NY Art Book fair in MoMA PS1, first, to do networking and second to look if there were some interesting publication, on Fanzine or Magazine format. I found several publications that caught my attention in, but I will dedicate another post to talk about that publications.

On both events, the people who were there gave me their personal cards or business card, as some of them called it. In the same time, they request me for my personal card, and unfortunately, at that moment I did have not it. This lack of personal cards came from a long time ago, also, long time ago I was thinking in make my personal cards through the web pages that offer that service online, but I never did, maybe because I was waiting for the right moment. 

I lost in both events the opportunity to let to these people know my work as publisher but I gained the time to think about how I wanted to make my personal cards. 

Finally, a couple of weeks after these events I realized in which way I wanted to make my personal cards. The way that I found to make my personal cards was the same way that I always try to use when I work on publications, the name of that way is D.I.Y. I wanted to show the result here. 

The materials that I used to do my cards were: a rubber stamp, carton and white blank sticker from the CD labels. 

I made the whole work, and I feel that I did it very well, and I think that some of the things that we need and we used every day on the daily basis we could make it for our self. 

Try it!

By Marcelo Arroyave
Transmitting from the beginning of the winter! Winter is coming, fuck!

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