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After 16 months, here I am writing about the Fanzine scene in New York, again! 

In March of 2016 I was in a love depression, and this situation pushed me to go to street and join every single Fanzine event in NY. It was nice because I went to different places on the city and I met another Fanzine scene. One of them was the NYCFeminist Zinefest; it is made a Saturday on March in a very old and very fancy building in the Columbia University in Manhattan; In that moment it was a short trip to me in that festival because it was small, also, was the same Punk-feminist fanzine fair that you can met in another middle class “rebel” event around New York and around the west world: youth with Punk-feminist style clothes and a lot monster DIY Fanzines, plus, fanzines where the author show the drama of her life in that moment (although that young woman currently is a student in one o the most famous and expensive universities around the world).

But, this is the important thing, in middle of it Deja vu, I found a mature woman sat down in a single table with a little and tiny Fanzine on front of her and on the cover a number: 50. In that moment, when I took the fanzine, I felt that my time and my trip wasn't lost. 

I talked with her for a few minutes a paid for the Fanzine. I left the event and when I got my home, I left the little Fanzine on my desk where remained until three weeks ago, when I took it again and I read with devotion.

50 is the Fanzine name, like I said above; it is a little autobiography, where the author, in a very hard and deeply exercise of her memory, got and wrote down her memories from the age of one year old until the 50 years old -I didn't know how old was her on the moment when I bought her Fanzine- saying in each page a moment of her life in that age, and letting us know how she changed through her relationship with her mother, father, boyfriends, lovers, books, pets, cities, jobs... letting a little window open to us whereby we can see a little of her life and in the same time, guessing the other big part of her life.

50 was a nice discovered in that fair and I am happy to do a little description of it, because do that kind of memory exercise is hard and some times painful for the author, on the other hand is a good vehicle to let her demons go.

Title: 50.
Author: Jude Vachon
City: New York.
Year: 2016
Measurements: 5.50 inches of width X 4 1/3 inches of high.
Number of pages: 56
Printing Technician: Copies by copy machine in black and white.
Resume: fanzine with a little autobiography by years of age, from the one year of age until the 50 years old.


By Marcelo Arroyave
Eternal member of the Sursystem Collective.

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